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That’s Scilm. Providing value-added features for the best kitchens for more than 40 years.

Our history is in components: legs, clips, Gola profiles, plinths and Catenaria profiles ensure quality, easy assembly and durability. Our future lies in a shared goal: to make every living environment long-lasting.

Prima Base

Refrigerator cabinet base 881

The new cabinet base for built-in refrigerators, 600 mm and 750 mm.

The height of the base, 20 mm, does not impede the movement of refrigerator cabinets, which thereby become standard cabinet carcases.
It can adapt to side panels of different thicknesses: 16, 18 and 19 mm. Its side profiles can be fully custom-made for fixing to the side panels of the cabinet.

cabinet base for built-in refrigerators


The innovative system that supports the Plan.a door becomes even more streamlined and technological.

The features of the previous version remain: lightness, versatility, safety, flatness and durability, whereas the dimensions of the carcase have been reduced to 10 mm and 8 mm, allowing reduced thicknesses to be maintained even when the door is finished, using 2 mm laminate or 4 mm glass panels.

Plan.a door for kitchen furniture

Air profile

Support profile for recessed hinges.

Compatible with most recessed hinges, the new profile by Scilm becomes an important support even where large and heavy doors are concerned. Easily and accurately applied and assembled, the aluminium profile is provided with supports that can be screwed directly to the cabinet. It can be combined with the cabinet carcase or with the door structure for an excellent aesthetic look.

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Profile 20x20

New modular aluminium structure.

It can house panels up to 19 mm thick and 4 mm and 6 mm thick glass panels. Easily machinable in lengths, it can be supplied as a kit. For use with wall cabinets and free-standing cabinets. Supplied with profiles for side and rear closures, and for sliding closure.


Blink, the plinth that can be removed with a click.

Cleaning under kitchen cabinets will be even easier with Blink, the magnetic clip from Scilm. It allows you to remove and replace the plinth in a flash, so that you can also thoroughly clean under kitchen bases and remove dirt and germs from an area that is frequently neglected.

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Strike LED System

The new range of illuminated shelves from Scilm combines easy installation and refined elegance.

The light, ideal for illuminating the cabinet interior, has been designed to hide the light source from sight. The Strike system is extremely customisable thanks to the wide range of Scilm finishes.

Plinth accessories

New 45° and 90° accessories

The new 45° and 90° accessories by Scilm improve the aesthetic appearance of the kitchen, making the composition more streamlined and lighter. Fixed firmly to the end of the plinth, they stay in place even when the profile is removed for cleaning.

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All in one cut.

Just one cut is not just a detail. This is what makes the Project1 open wall system by Scilm stand out: with the exclusive "Just One Cut" technology, assembly and dismantling take place without any mechanical work or drilling, thanks to a 90° edge. It can be used in the living room, kitchen and bathroom and always follows the same concept: smart everywhere.