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When you stop to look at a kitchen, do you ever look for the detail you cannot see? Did you know that it can make a difference?

Now more, thanks to Exelent that is, excellent elements, by Scilm.

A new word, a range of apparently invisible components that simplifies, speeds up, organises and improves your kitchen experience, every day. Do you want to see?

Aluminium structures

You always need extra space in the kitchen. Scilm aluminium structures solve this problem, since aluminium profiles allow you to create not only bookcases and tables but also countless other compositions, mainly using the easy 20x20 system.

› Wide choice
› Available in various dimensions and sections
› For use with wooden and glass panels

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Happy walls.

Small details can sometimes make a huge difference. For example, backsplashes, components that go unnoticed but are essential for protecting a wall from water or other liquids. Because Scilm accessories are not only attractive but also functional.

› Elegance and hygiene in the kitchen
› Treated with Bioshield antibacterial technology
› Various models and types of finishes

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Strike shelves

Do you like to keep things tidy? You will also like what supports them. With Strike, the shelf system from Scilm, where technology, aesthetic appeal and sturdiness combine to prevent cabinets from flexing. Aluminium profile, tempered glass top, design and high performance for the home.

› Higher load capacity than standard shelves (up to 80 kg)
› Available with built-in LEDs

Plinth clips

Has cleaning the area under your kitchen always been complicated? Plinth clips by Scilm are designed to make everything simple. Especially Blink, the magnetic clip, which allows you to remove the plinth autonomously and immediately reach even the most difficult spots. Happy cleaning.

› Make plinth removal easier
› Speed up cleaning and increase hygiene
› Ideal for all types of leg and plinth

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Protection for Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are attractive to look at but the problem is that they are not always properly insulated from other elements and they can become a danger. Scilm has created a protection system to protect underlying tops from heat so that you can enjoy using your kitchen without running any risks.

› Perfect insulation
› Heat protection
› Increased safety in the kitchen

Sink cabinet protector

The area under the sink is a place that often needs to be cleaned due to possible water leakage and because it is usually where kitchen rubbish is put. The Scilm under-sink protector helps you organise this space: it is easy to clean and sanitize.

› Available in aluminium and thermoformed plastic
› Antibacterial treatment for gaskets
› Can be adapted to any cabinet

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Plan.a door

Scilm offers a wide variety of aluminium profiles for custom-made doors. These include Plan.a, a lightweight, versatile and functional door. Plan.a is about 40% lighter than a melamine-faced door. Customisable with glass, stone or wood, it is also waterproof and non-deformable.

› Streamlined aluminium structure
› Shockproof junctions that eliminate sharp edges
› No change to the adjustment of hinges and alignments

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Gola profiles

Aesthetic appeal is essential in the kitchen and Gola Profiles add that extra touch of style. They allow you to eliminate handles without affecting functionality: the seamless effect of doors and fronts makes cleaning easier and the most lived-in room in the home even more functional.

› Avoids drilling holes in cabinets
› Maximum customisation
› For all aesthetic and structural requirements

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Catenaria profiles

Nowadays, hobs and sinks are getting increasingly larger, heavier and more efficient. With their reduced encumbrance and high mechanical resistance, Catenarie aluminium profiles make kitchen cabinets stronger, maintaining not only their shape and stability over the years but also an exceptional aesthetic effect.

› For use with front and rear
› Easy to assemble on all cabinets
› Highly customisable

Refrigerator base

A refrigerator that breathes well, works much better. The Scilm refrigerator base not only perfectly integrates with the refrigerator cabinet but also maintains excellent ventilation, helping the household appliance to function properly. It is an advantage especially for the new energy classes of refrigerators that require adequate ventilation for maximum efficiency.

› Matching white front
› Facilitates air circulation
› Vertical edges at the sides to prevent water leakage

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