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Strike shelves

With Scilm Aluminium Shelves for Kitchen, the shelf becomes the star of the kitchen. Design and technical needs come together in this innovative aluminum shelving system, trasforming the internal composition of kitchen cabinets. The refined aesthetics and functionality of Kitchen Shelves Strike in combined with its extraordinary ability to exceed the standards capacity of normal shelves, thus gaining conformity to UNI 8601 (LIV5 h28 and Liv4 h37). In the LED version the kitchen shelf lightens the interior of the cabinet thanks to its sensor equipped lamp, without cables to ensure maximum flexibility in positioning the shelves. The Strike system is highly costumizable thanks to a wide range of finishings and models, and it is avaiable in h28 or h37, normal or lighting version.
Strike catalog
Strike technical features

Strike 28 LED lights mounted with glass

Ministrike LED

Strike 28 mounted with glass

Strike 28 dismounted without glass

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