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A selected range of products designed by Scilm to make easier your experience in the kitchen.

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Small details can sometimes make a huge difference, for example, a backsplash, a component that goes unnoticed but is essential for protecting a wall from water or other liquids. Because Scilm accessories are not only attractive but also functional.


. They make a kitchen elegant and hygienic

. They have had Bioshield antibacterial treatment

. Available in various models and finishes

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Protection system for induction hobs

Induction hobs are attractive to look at but the problem is that they are not always properly insulated from other elements and they can become a danger. Scilm has created a protection system to protect underlying worktops from the heat so that you can enjoy using your kitchen without running any risks.


. Protects against heat from an induction hob

. Perfectly insulates

. Increases safety in the kitchen

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Anta Plan.a

A unique component that combines lightness, versatility and functionality. Plan.a is about 40% lighter than a melamine door. Customisable with glass, marble or wood, it is also waterproof and non-deformable. Plan.a is an accessory that few people consider even though it has many advantages.


. Streamlined aluminium structure

. Shockproof junctions that eliminate sharp edges

. Does not alter hinge adjustments and alignments

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Aluminium structures

You always need extra space in the kitchen. Scilm aluminium structures solve this problem, since aluminium profiles allow you to create not only bookcases and tables but also countless other compositions, mainly using the easy 20×20 system.


. Wide choice of aluminium profiles

. Panels and glass panels can be inserted

. Side, rear and sliding closing systems

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Plinth Clips

Cleaning the area below the kitchen has always been complicated but with Scilm Plinth Clips it becomes very easy. Blink, in particular, is the exclusive magnetic system that allows you to lift the plinth autonomously and easily reach those most difficult parts that nobody usually remembers to clean.


. They allow the plinth to be easily released

. They speed up cleaning operations with improved hygiene

. Suitable for all types of legs and plinths

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Sink protector

One of the places where bacteria tend to easily collect is the area under the sink. Made of plastic, Mirello can be used to perfectly insulate this space: it has had Bioshield treatment, which eliminates bacteria while keeping this area of the kitchen, which is often neglected, sanitized.


. Antibacterial treatment

. Adapts to any cabinet

. Equipped with an accessory tray

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Strike shelves

Resistant and stylish. Strike shelves have an extraordinary load capacity but do not compromise aesthetic appeal, revolutionising the interior design of kitchen cabinets. At last, a solution that supports heavy loads without bending and, above all, without affecting the design.


. Made of aluminium or glass

. Greater load capacity than standard shelves

. Available with built-in LEDs

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Gola Profile

Aesthetic appeal is essential in the kitchen and Gola Profiles add an extra touch of style. They allow you to eliminate handles without affecting functionality: the seamless surfaces of doors and fronts make cleaning easier and the most lived-in room in the home becomes even more functional.


. No need to drill holes in cabinets

. Wide range of customisations and finishes

. Ideal for all aesthetic and structural requirements

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Refrigerator base

A refrigerator that breathes well, works much better. The Scilm refrigerator base not only perfectly integrates with the refrigerator cabinet but also increases ventilation, helping the household appliance to operate properly and therefore last longer.


. Increases the dimensions of a standard refrigerator

. Increases ventilation from 150 cm2 to 210 cm2

. The white front matches the household appliance

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Scilm legs come in reduced dimensions but they provide exceptional stability for the kitchen. Made of thermoplastic material, they have chemical and mechanical resistance that allows them to support 400kg and, above all, to provide consistent quality over time.


. High performance combined with high resistance

. Quick to assemble and easy to adjust

. Made of high-quality plastic

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